Globe Valves

For the GWC USA Inc company they sell and manufacture various different valves that different industrial companies can use for heavy machinery. This is an international company that makes proven technology for individual valve solutions worldwide and they have a parent company called the Italia SpA that manufactures valves of different materials. They serve many different industries and the GWC Valves are used in applications for Upstream and Transportation Segments of the Oil and Gas Industry along with Exploration and Production, the Petrochemical industry, the Chemical industry, the Mining and Minerals industry, the Marine and Industrial markets industry along with the Power industry. When it comes to the GWC Italia SpA products, they are designed and engineered along with manufactured to exceed customer singent process requirements such as the ISO 9001, SIL 3, API 6D and more. They have met all the American Standards along with the International Standards for the GWC Ball, Gate, Check, Globe and Butterfly Valve product line for the American Petroleum Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is very important for them to constantly manufacture, design and test all their valves in full accordance with these standards.

When it comes to the globe valve, it is different from the ball valve since it is a valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline. It consists of a movable disc-type element and a stationary ring seat that has a spherical body. The internal parts of a typical globe valve are the body, the plug, the bonnet and the stem of the valve. How it works is the plug is connected to the stem of the valve which is operated by screw action using a hand wheel in manual valves and automated globe valves use smooth stems rather than threaded stems and they function based on the actuator assembly.

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