3 Tricks That Can Get You Cheapest Used Car

It is not difficult to find a used Ford EcoSport today. But it be difficult to find cheapest used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore. Since the market of used cars is unorganized, prices of used cars is a big issue. It can be hard to get a dealer to reduce the asking price. However, there are a few tricks that you can use and get them to slash the price.

Walk Out Without Negotiating

A lot of dealers are well prepared for hard core negotiation with a buyer. They are armed with answers to everything possible. So instead of bargaining with them tell them you are ready to buy the car but only at your price point. You can then leave your card with them and ask them to contact you if they can match your price. This is a declaration of your intent to buy immediately which can be tempting for some dealers.

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Go To Dealers During Bad Weather

Man dealers who are looking to close a certain number of deals on a daily basis struggle when the weather is particularly bad. During such days it is hard for them to get any business. In such cases, when you walk into their showroom with a clear intent to buy they would happily reduce the price to reach their daily target.

Do Smart Follow Up

A lot of buyers call the dealers during the day time to follow up on their offer. Instead, call them just when they are about to close for the weekend or they are about to close the month. If they are working on monthly and weekly targets, they would find it hard to pass on the opportunity to close one more deal. The higher number of deals they close, the more commission they earn.