Horizon Smokers – General Features To Like

When I say “general features to like,” I refer to Horizon smokers features that you can find in all of their models and that these features are really likeable.
If you have a Horizon, it is either 16 or 20 inches in diameter. Check out the style – it is either a Ranger, a Marshall, or what they call Classic, or probably you have a Patriot. It doesn’t matter what specific model you have. It surely has the same features of all Horizons that I really love.

What A Great Barbecue Party Is All About
To me, great barbecues are all about the smoke. A regular griller is nice but when you are preparing smoked meats for a gathering of friends – bacon, amazing ribs, Texas brisket, smoked turkey, smoked salmon or pulled pork – you sure can count on a devoted smoker which is designed exactly for the tough job.

Horizon Smokers: Unique Features
These firebox smokers are excellent; they are well-built, tight, heavy duty, heavy weight horizontal offset cookers. With these properties, a Horizon will surely last a lifetime. It’s heavy weight remember so it’s likely that it will last for years before it can be broken into pieces. Despite of their being sturdy, a purchaser gets a lifetime guarantee in case of burnout and 10 years for welding structure.
They are made of steel that’s high-grade and you can feel that with a touch. The cooking chambers are a little less than ½ inch. That’s enough for these chambers to be tolerant to pressures. You know when the chambers are really thick, the heat is distributed more evenly – that means it cooks better and therefore there is no need to consume a lot of fuel.
But there’s more than the heavy metals. They are saying that the ideas in manufacturing the Horizon units were gleaned from the many years of man’s history of cutting, welding and cooking.

Horizon Smokers: Easy Transport
Despite the heavy weight, a Horizon can be moved easily. Horizons are built with wheels for transportation. It’s like you are moving a steel wagon. But the way the wheels are designed and incorporated into the smoker, they look cool with the rest of the parts and they look sturdy, too.
The heavy weight is also the reason why the unit is designed for people who love partying at home. The weight is from 380 to 565 pounds so these units are not designed for outdoor camping or for trekking. For these special activities, you will have to buy smaller or handy units.

Neighborhood Party
The cooking chambers, the plates or the grilling area allows cooking barbecues the amount that you can serve for 40 people. No need to mention dimensions here because there are too many different numbers for all the Horizon models. What’s important is with the smallest Horizon model, you can practically invite the neighborhood to party.

It’s going to last a lifetime. These units are built that way so expect to spend more dollars for this. Less expensive smoker brands can be purchased at around $300 but they don’t last for your children to use. The least price for Horizon smokers is about $800 but I’m pretty sure they’ll be useful for generations to come.